English translation of the meaning Page No 425

Quran in English Language - Page no 425 425

Sura Al-Ahzab from 51 to 54

51. You ( O Muhammad ( saas ) ) can postpone ( the turn of ) whom you will of them ( your wives ) , and you may receive whom you will. And whomsoever you desire of those whom you have set aside ( her turn temporarily ) , it is no sin on you ( to receive her again ) : that is better that they may be comforted and not grieved, and may all be pleased with what you give them. Allâh knows what is in your hearts. And Allâh is Ever All- Knowing, Most Forbearing.
52. It is not lawful for you ( to marry other ) women after this, nor to change them for other wives even though their beauty attracts you, except those ( slaves ) whom your right hand possesses. And Allâh is Ever a Watcher over all things.
53. O you who believe! Enter not the Prophet’s houses, unless permission is given to you for a meal, ( and then ) not ( so early as ) to wait for its preparation. But when you are invited, enter, and when you have taken your meal, disperse without sitting for a talk. Verily, such ( behaviour ) annoys the Prophet, and he is shy of ( asking ) you ( to go ) ; but Allâh is not shy of ( telling you ) the truth. And when you ask ( his wives ) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen: that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not ( right ) for you that you should annoy Allâh’s Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him ( his death ) . Verily, with Allâh that shall be an enormity.
54. Whether you reveal anything or conceal it, verily, Allâh is Ever All- Knower of everything.