English translation of the meaning Page No 167

Quran in English Language - Page no 167 167

Sura Al-A'raf from 138 to 143

138. And We brought the Children of Israel ( with safety ) across the sea, and they came upon a people devoted to some of their idols ( in worship ) . They said: « O Mûsâ ( Moses ) ! Make for us an ilâh [ 1 ] ( a god ) as they have âlihah ( gods ) . » He said: « Verily, you are a people who know not ( the Majesty and Greatness of Allâh and what is obligatory upon you, i.e. to worship none but Allâh Alone, the One and the Only God of all that exists ) . »
139. [ Mûsâ ( Moses ) added: ] « Verily, these people will be destroyed for that which they are engaged in ( idols- worship ) . And all that they are doing is in vain. »
140. He said: « Shall I seek for you an Ilâh ( a god ) other than Allâh, while He has given you superiority over the ‘Âlamîn ( mankind and jinn of your time ) . »
141. And ( remember ) when We rescued you from Fir‘aun’s ( Pharaoh ) people, who were afflicting you with the worst torment, killing your sons and letting your women live. And in that was a great trial from your Lord.
142. And We appointed for Mûsâ ( Moses ) thirty nights and added ( to the period ) ten ( more ) , and he completed the term, appointed by his Lord, of forty nights. And Mûsâ ( Moses ) said to his brother Hârûn ( Aaron ) : « Replace me among my people, act in the Right Way ( by ordering the people to obey Allâh and to worship Him Alone ) and follow not the way of the Mufsidûn ( mischief- makers ) . »
143. And when Mûsâ ( Moses ) came at the time and place appointed by Us, and his Lord ( Allah ) spoke to him; he said: « O my Lord! Show me ( Yourself ) , that I may look upon You. » Allâh said: « You cannot see Me, but look upon the mountain; if it stands still in its place then you shall see Me. » So when his Lord appeared to the mountain [ 2 ] , He made it collapse to dust, and Mûsâ ( Moses ) fell down unconscious. Then when he recovered his senses he said: « Glory be to You, I turn to You in repentance and I am the first of the believers. »

[1] (V.7:138) Ilâh: Who has all the right to be worshipped.

[2] (V.7:143) The appearance of Allâh (Lord Almighty and Exalted) to the mountain was very little of Him. It was approximately equal to the tip of one’s little finger as explained by the Prophet (saas) when he recited this Verse. (This hadîth is quoted by Tirmidhi).