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Sura Al-Jathiya from 33 to 5

33. And the evil of what they did will appear to them, and that which they used to mock at will completely encircle them.
34. And it will be said: « This Day We will forget you as you forgot the Meeting of this Day of yours. And your abode is the Fire, and there is none to help you. »
35. This, because you took the revelations of Allâh ( this Qur’ân ) in mockery, and the life of the world deceived you. So this Day, they shall not be taken out from there ( Hell ) , [ 1 ] nor shall they be returned to the worldly life, ( so that they repent to Allâh, and beg His Pardon for their sins ) .
36. So all the praises and thanks be to Allâh, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth, and the Lord of the ‘Âlamîn ( mankind, jinn and all that exists ) .
37. And His ( Alone ) is the Majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the All- Mighty, the All- Wise.
Sûrat Al- Ahqâf
( The Curved Sand- hills ) ( XLVI )
In the Name of Allâh,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
1. Hâ- Mîm.

[These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur’ân, and none but Allâh (Alone) knows their meanings].
2. The revelation of the Book ( this Qur’ân ) is from Allâh, the All- Mighty, the All- Wise.
3. We created not the heavens and the earth and all that is between them except with truth, and for an appointed term. But those who disbelieve turn away from that whereof they are warned.
4. Say ( O Muhammad ( saas ) to these pagans ) : « Think you about all that you invoke besides Allâh? Show me. What have they created of the earth? Or have they a share in ( the creation of ) the heavens? Bring me a Book ( revealed before this ) , or some trace of knowledge ( in support of your claims ) , if you are truthful! »
5. And who is more astray than one who calls on ( invokes ) besides Allâh, such as will not answer him till the Day of Resurrection, and who are ( even ) unaware of their calls ( invocations ) to them? [ 2 ]

[1] (V.45:35)
a ) Narrated Anas bin Mâlik ( raa ) : Allâh’s Messenger ( saas ) said, « When carried to his grave, a dead person is followed by three, two of which return ( after his burial ) and one remains with him: his relatives, his property and his deeds follow him; relatives and his property return back while his deeds remain with him. » ( Sahih Al- Bukhari, Vol.8, Hadith No.521
) Narrated Anas ( raa ) : The Prophet ( saas ) said, « The people will be thrown into Hell ( Fire ) and it will keep on saying, ‘Is there any more, » till the Lord of the ‘Âlamîn ( mankind, jinn and all that exists ) puts His Foot over it, whereupon its different sides will come close to each other, and it will say, ‘Qat ! Qat ! ( enough! enough! ) By Your ‘Izzat ( Honour and Power ) and Your Karam ( Generosity ) !’ Paradise will remain spacious enough to accommodate more people until Allâh will create some more people and let them dwell in the superfluous ( empty ) space of Paradise. « ( Sahih Al- Bukhari, Vol.9, Hadith No.481 ) .»
) Narrated Ibn ‘Abbâs ( raa ) : The Prophet ( saas ) used to say, « I seek refuge ( with You ) By Your ‘Izzat ( Honour and Power ) Lâ ilâha illâ Anta ( none has the right to be worshipped but You ) ; Who does not die, while the jinn and the human beings die. » ( Sahih Al- Bukhari, Vol.9, Hadith No.480 ) .

[2] (V.46:5) See the footnote of (V.2:165).