surah Assaaffat aya 4 , English translation of the meaning Ayah.

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English Translation of the Meanings by Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali , Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi & English - Sahih International : surah Assaaffat aya 4 in arabic text(Those Who Set The Ranks).

﴿إِنَّ إِلَٰهَكُمْ لَوَاحِدٌ﴾
[ الصافات: 4]

English - Sahih International

Indeed, your God is One,

Surah As-Saaffat Full

Quran Transliteration

Inna ilahakum lawahidun

Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Translation

Verily, verily, your Allah is one!-

Muhammad Taqiud-Din alHilali

Verily your Ilah (God) is indeed One (i.e. Allah);

Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri

Verily, your God is indeed One;

Page 446 English transliteration

⚠️Disclaimer: there's no literal translation to Allah's holy words, but we translate the meaning.
We try our best to translate, keeping in mind the Italian saying: "Traduttore, traditore", which means: "Translation is a betrayal of the original text".

Indeed, your God is One, translate in arabic

إن إلهكم لواحد

سورة: الصافات - آية: ( 4 )  - جزء: ( 23 )  -  صفحة: ( 446 )

Tafseer Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi

(37:4) surely your God is One, *2

Indeed, your God is One, meaning

*2) This is the Truth to impress which an oath has been taken by the angels bearing the above-mentioned qualities. In other words, what is meant to be said is: "The whole system of the universe which is functioning in the scrvice of Allah, and all those manifestations of this universe which bring the evil consequences of deviation from the service of Allah before men, testify that the "Deity" of men is One and only One." The word "Ilah" applies to two meanings: (1) The deity who is actually being served and worshipped; and (2) the Deity Who, in reality, is worthy of being served and worshipped. Here, the word "Ilah"has been used in the second meaning, for, as far as the first meaning is concerned, men have adopted many other deities. That is why we have translated "Ilah"as the "real Deity".

Indeed, your God is One, meaning in urdu

تمہارا معبود حقیقی بس ایک ہی ہے

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