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English Translation of the Meanings by Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali , Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi & English - Sahih International : surah Mulk aya 17 in arabic text(The Dominion).

﴿أَمْ أَمِنتُم مَّن فِي السَّمَاءِ أَن يُرْسِلَ عَلَيْكُمْ حَاصِبًا ۖ فَسَتَعْلَمُونَ كَيْفَ نَذِيرِ﴾
[ الملك: 17]

English - Sahih International

67:17 Or do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the heaven would not send against you a storm of stones? Then you would know how [severe] was My warning.

Tafsir Ibn Katheer in English
Abridged Explanation of the Quran

Or do you feel safe from the being in the heavens that He could rain down stones upon you just like He did upon the people of Lot? Then you will realise, when you see My punishment for yourselves, My warnings to you.
But you will never be able to benefit from them after having witnessed the punishment.

Muhammad Taqiud-Din alHilali

Or do you feel secure that He, Who is over the heaven (Allah), will not send against you a violent whirlwind? Then you shall know how (terrible) has been My Warning?

phonetic Transliteration

Am amintum man fee alssamai an yursila AAalaykum hasiban fasataAAlamoona kayfa natheeri

Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Translation

Or do ye feel secure that He Who is in Heaven will not send against you a violent tornado (with showers of stones), so that ye shall know how (terrible) was My warning?

Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri

Or do you feel secure that He, Who is over the heaven, will not send against you a Hasib Then you shall know how has been My warning.

Page 563 English transliteration

⚠️Disclaimer: there's no literal translation to Allah's holy words, but we translate the meaning.
We try our best to translate, keeping in mind the Italian saying: "Traduttore, traditore", which means: "Translation is a betrayal of the original text".

67:17 Or do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the translate in arabic

أم أمنتم من في السماء أن يرسل عليكم حاصبا فستعلمون كيف نذير

سورة: الملك - آية: ( 17 )  - جزء: ( 29 )  -  صفحة: ( 563 )

Almuntakhab Fi Tafsir Alquran Alkarim

Or do you feel that secure, and in your minds you are sure, that He Who is in His heavens realm will not drive against you a storm, violent, mad, powerful all round and strong, and only then will it come into your heads that Allahs warning is not a jest, but a pledge of what is to come

Tafseer Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi

(67:17) Do you feel secure that He Who is in the heaven will not let loose upon you a storm of stones? *26 Then shall you know what My warning is like! *27

Or do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the meaning

*26) The object is to impress this: " Your very survival and well-being on the earth are at alI tunes dependent upon Allah Almighty's grace and bounty: you are not strutting about on this earth at will by your own power: you are under obligation only to Allah's protection for each moment of your life that you are passing here, otherwise Allah at any moment may cause such an earthquake to occur as may make this very earth to become your grave instead of the cradle that it is, or may cause a windstorm to blow razing all your towns and settlements to the ground. "
*27) "My warning": the warning that was being given through the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) and the Qur'an to the disbelievers of Makkah to the effect: "If you do not refrain from your disbelief and polytheism and do not accept the message of Tauhid being given to you, you will be overtaken by the scourge of God."

Or do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the meaning in Urdu

کیا تم اِس سے بے خوف ہو کہ وہ جو آسمان میں ہے تم پر پتھراؤ کرنے والی ہوا بھیج دے؟ پھر تمہیں معلوم ہو جائے گا کہ میری تنبیہ کیسی ہوتی ہے

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