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English Translation of the Meanings by Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali , Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi & English - Sahih International : surah Naml aya 61 in arabic text(The Ants).

﴿أَمَّن جَعَلَ الْأَرْضَ قَرَارًا وَجَعَلَ خِلَالَهَا أَنْهَارًا وَجَعَلَ لَهَا رَوَاسِيَ وَجَعَلَ بَيْنَ الْبَحْرَيْنِ حَاجِزًا ۗ أَإِلَٰهٌ مَّعَ اللَّهِ ۚ بَلْ أَكْثَرُهُمْ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ﴾
[ النمل: 61]

English - Sahih International

27:61 Is He [not best] who made the earth a stable ground and placed within it rivers and made for it firmly set mountains and placed between the two seas a barrier? Is there a deity with Allah? [No], but most of them do not know.

Tafsir Ibn Katheer in English
Abridged Explanation of the Quran

Is He not best who made the earth firm and still, without it shaking those on it, and made within it rivers that flow, and made for it firm mountains, and made between two seas, salty and sweet, a barrier which stops the salty mixing with the sweet so that it does not spoil it and then making it unsuitable for drinking? Is there a true god alongside Allah who can make all that happen? No, but most of them do not know.
Had they known, they would not have associated any of Allah’s creation with Him as a partner.

Muhammad Taqiud-Din alHilali

Is not He (better than your gods) Who has made the earth as a fixed abode, and has placed rivers in its midst, and has placed firm mountains therein, and has set a barrier between the two seas (of salt and sweet water). Is there any ilah (god) with Allah? Nay, but most of them know not.

phonetic Transliteration

Amman jaAAala alarda qararan wajaAAala khilalaha anharan wajaAAala laha rawasiya wajaAAala bayna albahrayni hajizan ailahun maAAa Allahi bal aktharuhum la yaAAlamoona

Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Translation

Or, Who has made the earth firm to live in; made rivers in its midst; set thereon mountains immovable; and made a separating bar between the two bodies of flowing water? (can there be another) god besides Allah? Nay, most of them know not.

Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri

Is not He Who has made the earth as a fixed abode, and has placed rivers in its midst, and has placed firm mountains therein, and has set a barrier between the two seas (of salt and sweet water) Is there any ilah (god) with Allah Nay, but most of them know not!

Page 382 English transliteration

⚠️Disclaimer: there's no literal translation to Allah's holy words, but we translate the meaning.
We try our best to translate, keeping in mind the Italian saying: "Traduttore, traditore", which means: "Translation is a betrayal of the original text".

27:61 Is He [not best] who made the earth a stable ground and translate in arabic

أمن جعل الأرض قرارا وجعل خلالها أنهارا وجعل لها رواسي وجعل بين البحرين حاجزا أإله مع الله بل أكثرهم لا يعلمون

سورة: النمل - آية: ( 61 )  - جزء: ( 20 )  -  صفحة: ( 382 )

Almuntakhab Fi Tafsir Alquran Alkarim

Who was He Who set the earth at Creation in the order of a settled habitation** where you established your abode and He permeated into it rivers and placed in it stays –mountains*- in a certain setting, fixed as with an anchor, and installed a natural barrier*** between the two waters -the fresh and the salt-! Was it another Ilah with the Almighty Allah! The truth is that most of them are ignorant of the facts

Tafseer Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi

(27:61) And Who is it Who made the earth as a place of rest' *74 and caused in it rivers to flow, and set in it firm mountains and placed barriers between the two bodies of water? *75 Is there besides Allah another god (who is His associate in these works)? Nay, but most of these people have no knowledge.

Is He [not best] who made the earth a stable ground and meaning

*74) It is not a simple thing for the earth to be a place of rest for the countless kinds of different creations living on it. If man looks into the wise harmony and coordination with which this sphere of the earth has been established, he is simply amazed and starts feeling that these harmonies and concordances and relations could not be brought about without the grand design of an All-Wise, AllKnowing and All-Powerful God. This sphere of the earth is floating in space and is not resting on anything, yet there is no commotion and no vibration in its movement. Had there been any vibration in it, such as we experience during an earthquake, life could not exist here. This sphere comes before the sun and hides from it regularly, which causes the alternation of the day and night. Had it turned the same face perpetually towards the sun and kept the other side always hidden, no life could be possible here, for on the bright side all life would have been shrivelled up, and on the dark side all life would have been frozen to death. The sphere is enveloped by a five hundred mile thick atmosphere, which protects it against the' continual bombardment of meteors, otherwise the twenty million meteors on the average, which dart towards the earth daily at 30 miles per second, would have caused such destruction as would not have allowed any man animal or tree to survive. The same atmosphere controls the temperature, raises clouds from the oceans, carries water to different parts of the earth and provides the required gases that sustain the human, animal and plant life. Without it the earth could not become a fit place of rest for any kind of animal life. Just under the earth's surface all those minerals and chemicals which are essential to the survival of vegetable and animal life have been provided in abundance. Wherever these natural resources do not exist, the land there cannot sustain any kind of life. A great store of water has been arranged on the earth in the form of oceans, rivers, lakes, springs and underground channels and snow on the mountains which melts and flows down in the form of rivers. Without such an arrangement there could be no life. Then the earth has been endowed with an appropriate gravitational pull by which it keeps the water and the air and all other things found on it attracted to it. If this pull had been a little less strong, it could not have stopped the air and the water from escaping. It would also have so much increased the temperature that life titre would have become difficult. On the other hand, if the gravitational pull had been a little stronger, the atmosphere would have been denser, its pressure would have increased, evaporation would have become difficult and rains impossible; the cold would have increased and less areas on earth would have been inhabitable; men and animals would have been shorter in size but heavier in weight, which would have made movement difficult. Besides, this sphere has been located at a suitable distance from the sun, which is most appropriate for the population here. If the distance had been longer, the earth would have received less of heat, the climate would have been much colder, the seasons much longer and the earthwould be hardly inhabitable. On the other hand, if the distance had been shorter, the intensity of the heat along with other factors would have rendered it unfit for the kind of life man is living here. These are a few of those harmonies and concordances due to which earth has become a place of rest for its population. A man with a little common sense who is aware of these facts cannot imagine for a moment that these concordances have come into existence without the design of an All-Wise Creator, as a mere accident, nor can he ever conceive that a god or goddess, jinn or prophet, saint or angel, could have had any hand in the creation and bringing into operation of this grand design.
*75) That is, the bodies of sweet and saline waters that exist on the earth but do not , intermingle. Underground water channels mostly flow separately with sweet water and saline water side by side. Even in the middle of the bitter seas there exist at some places springs of sweet water; their current remains separate from the sea water and the sea passengers obtain their drinking water from it. (For further explanation, see, E.N. 68 of Surah Al-Furqan) .

Is He [not best] who made the earth a stable ground and meaning in Urdu

اور وہ کون ہے جس نے زمین کو جائے قرار بنایا اور اس کے اندر دریا رواں کیے اور اس میں (پہاڑوں کی) میخیں گاڑ دیں اور پانی کے دو ذخیروں کے درمیان پردے حائل کر دیے؟ کیا اللہ کے ساتھ کوئی اور خدا بھی (اِن کاموں میں شریک) ہے؟ نہیں، بلکہ اِن میں سے اکثر لوگ نادان ہیں

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