English translation of the meaning Page No 93

Quran in English Language - Page no 93 93

Sura Al-Nisa from 92 to 94

92. It is not for a believer to kill a believer except ( that it be ) by mistake; and whosoever kills a believer by mistake, ( it is ordained that ) he must set free a believing slave and a compensation ( blood- money, i.e. Diya ) be given to the deceased’s family unless they remit it. If the deceased belonged to a people at war with you and he was a believer, the freeing of a believing slave ( is prescribed ) ; and if he belonged to a people with whom you have a treaty of mutual alliance, compensation ( blood- money - Diya ) must be paid to his family, and a believing slave must be freed. And whoso finds this ( the penance of freeing a slave ) beyond his means, he must fast for two consecutive months in order to seek repentance from Allâh. And Allâh is Ever All- Knowing, All- Wise.
93. And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein; and the Wrath and the Curse of Allâh are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him. [ 1 ]
94. O you who believe! When you go ( to fight ) in the Cause of Allâh, verify ( the truth ) , and say not to anyone who greets you ( by embracing Islâm ) : « You are not a believer » ; seeking the perishable goods of the worldly life. There are much more profits and booties with Allâh. Even as he is now, so were you yourselves before till Allâh conferred on you His Favours ( i.e. guided you to Islâm ) , therefore, be cautious in discrimination. Allâh is Ever Well- Aware of what you do.

[1] (V.4:93):
) Narrated Ibn ‘Umar ( raa ) : Allâh’s Messenger ( saas ) said, « A faithful believer remains at liberty regarding his religion unless he kills somebody unlawfully. » ( Sahih Al- Bukhâri, Vol.9, Hadith No.2 )
) See the footnotes of ( V.5:27, 32, 45 & 50 ) .