surah Anbiya aya 107 , English translation of the meaning Ayah.

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English Translation of the Meanings by Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali , Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi & English - Sahih International : surah Anbiya aya 107 in arabic text(The Prophets).

﴿وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ﴾
[ الأنبياء: 107]

English - Sahih International

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.

Surah Al-Anbiya Full
Muhammad Taqiud-Din alHilali

And We have sent you (O Muhammad SAW) not but as a mercy for the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).

phonetic Transliteration

Wama arsalnaka illa rahmatan lilAAalameena

Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Translation

We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.

Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri

And We have sent you (O Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the `Alamin.

Page 331 English transliteration

⚠️Disclaimer: there's no literal translation to Allah's holy words, but we translate the meaning.
We try our best to translate, keeping in mind the Italian saying: "Traduttore, traditore", which means: "Translation is a betrayal of the original text".

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy translate in arabic

وما أرسلناك إلا رحمة للعالمين

سورة: الأنبياء - آية: ( 107 )  - جزء: ( 17 )  -  صفحة: ( 331 )

Almuntakhab Fi Tafsir Alquran Alkarim

We did not send you O Muhammad for a reason other than to symbolize, and serve as an embodiment of mercy which Allah has extended to all His creatures

Tafseer Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abu-al-A'la Maududi

(21:107) (O Muhammad!) We have sent you to be a real blessing for the people of the world. *100

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy meaning

*100) This verse (107) can also be translated as: "We have sent you only as a blessing for the people of the world". In both cases it will mean that the appointment of the Holy Prophet is indeed a blessing and mercy of Allah to the whole world. This is because he aroused the neglectful world froth its heedlessness and gave it the knowledge of the criterion between truth and falsehood, and warned it very clearly of both the ways of salvation and. ruin. This fact has been stated here 'to tell the disbelievers of Makkah that they were quite wrong in their estimate of the Holy Prophet that he was an affliction and distress for them because they said, "This man has sown seeds of discard among our clans and separated near relatives from each other." They have been told here, "O foolish people, you are wrong to presume that he is an affliction for you; but he is in reality a blessing and mercy of Allah for you."

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy meaning in Urdu

اے محمدؐ، ہم نے جو تم کو بھیجا ہے تو یہ دراصل دنیا والوں کے حق میں ہماری رحمت ہے

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