English translation of the meaning Page No 305

Quran in English Language - Page no 305 305

Sura Maryam from 1 to 11

Sûrat Maryam
( Mary ) XIV
In the Name of Allâh,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
1. Kâf- Hâ- Yâ- ‘Aîn- Sâd. [ These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur’ân, and none but Allâh ( Alone ) knows their meanings ] .
2. ( This is ) a mention of the mercy of your Lord to His slave Zakariyyâ ( Zachariah ) .
3. When he called out his Lord ( Allâh ) a call in secret.
4. He said: « My Lord! Indeed my bones have grown feeble, and grey hair has spread on my head, And I have never been unblest in my invocation to You, O my Lord!»
5. « And verily I fear my relatives after me, and my wife is barren. So give me from Yourself an heir.»
6. « Who shall inherit me, and inherit ( also ) the posterity of Ya‘qûb ( Jacob ) ( inheritance of the religious knowledge and Prophethood, not of wealth. ) . And make him, my Lord, one with whom You are Well- Pleased! »
7. ( Allâh said ) « O Zakariyyâ ( Zachariah ) ! Verily, We give you the glad tidings of a son, whose name will be Yahyâ ( John ) . We have given that name to none before ( him ) . »
8. He said: « My Lord! How can I have a son, when my wife is barren, and I have reached the extreme old age. »
9. He said: « So ( it will be ) . Your Lord says: It is easy for Me. Certainly I have created you before, when you had been nothing! »
10. [ Zakariyyâ ( Zachariah ) ] said: « My Lord! Appoint for me a sign. » He said: « Your sign is that you shall not speak unto mankind for three nights, though having no bodily defect. »
11. Then he came out to his people from Al- Mihrâb ( a praying place or a private room ) , and he told them by signs to glorify Allâh’s Praises in the morning and in the afternoon.